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:: hello, autumn ::

" And the sun took a step back,

the leaves lulled themselves to sleep

and autumn was awakened."

{Raquel Franco}


With the arrival of autumn, I also feel an awakening, a stirring of my heart yearning toward an expansiveness hard to articulate. A restlessness takes hold, shaking off the old, making room for the new. What that might be I have yet to understand, it's there and I'm quietly honoring it.

In the meantime, I'm revisiting and reconsidering those spaces that I am finding no longer serve the greater good of my internal life (hello, instagram). I'm re-discovering bloggers that I had long ago forgot about, savoring the spaces they so lovingly tend, feeling grateful for the inspiration they grace my week with (all the while wishing for blogging to make a come back). Does anyone else miss those days when the world was filled with bloggers making their mark, elevating our days? I really miss those times. If you're interested, here are a few blogs I've found so much pleasure in (Ginny's photography and stories of motherhood are beautiful and fill me with so much happiness and laughter). (Cathy's photography captures the beauty of the everyday along with her treasure trove of quotes and her sincerity of navigating this journey we call life always inspires me). I'd love to hear your suggestions!

Our days are finally finding a quieter rhythm, leaving me filled with thankfulness that every day of my life is not this busy. Hopefully, this trend of less fullness will continue.....

I've started reading The Lord of The Rings in tandem to listening to it with my son on our way to school. My goodness, I've certainly been missing out, this story has all my attention and I can't believe I've put off reading this series for so long. Thank goodness it's finally happening!

Enough of my ramblings for today...happy autumn and I'll see you soon.

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Cathy Sly
Cathy Sly
25 sept. 2021

April, I agree, the online social world is sometimes so overwhelming. That brief double tap lacks in connection. I know there are beautiful bloggers out there, and I keep looking. Thank you for sharing Ginny's site and including mine in the beautiful post.

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