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:: week 9/52 ::

" Mindfulness means moment to moment, nonjudgmental awareness.

It is cultivated by refining our capacity to pay attention,

intentionally and in the present moment,

and then sustaining that attention over time as best we can.

In the process, we become more in touch with our life

as it is unfolding."

{Jon Kabat-Zinn}

March has arrived! The weekend gifted us with the warmest, sunniest 2 days. Oh, to feel so energized and uplifted, the suns rays filling my very being with light. It was a short pre-cursor to spring, but oh, was it appreciated.

My daffodils are peeking out of the ground. I get so excited for the first blooms of spring, especially when I've planted them myself. Bulb planting happened quite late in the season...I have snowdrops in the ground, with no sign of their emergence yet. I'm wondering if they aren't in a sunny enough spot or if the late planting delayed them? I'm sure they are the first to bloom in early spring. If you can answer this question, please do! This novice gardener can use as much help as possible.

While on my walk one morning, I noticed such beautiful moss covering a boulder. The next day, I returned to the spot with my macro lens. I always feel weird photographing plants in the neighbors yard. I'm not actually in their yard, just on the sidewalk ...but I'm sure it looks odd for someone to be photographing a rock. Makes me laugh, if they only knew the glories abounding on that rock. Isn't that the gift of being a photographer, the noticing, the deep observation of the world around us. On days I'm feeling less inspired, I know without a doubt the creative flow will emerge once I pick up my camera. There is always something worth capturing. I'm so grateful for this passion, unable to imagine my life without the attentiveness brought to my life through the lens. Personally, I think photography can be the greatest form of mindfulness in our life, a way of being firmly rooted in the present moment.

A recent discovery: I could spend hours perusing this sight, it's well worth checking out.

I've finally found my reading rhythm again! The Heiress was a quick and satisfying one day read for me. I sat down on a blustery Sunday and read my heart away...doesn't happen often but when it does...what bliss! Frannie Langton kept me engaged even though it had sensitive subjects I normally shy away from. The last few chapters were worth reading the book. Fyneshade was a gothic masterpiece, from start to finish, the story kept me riveted with suspense and such curiosity as to how the story would unfold. The main character, Marta, is one of the most villainous characters I've encountered in literature. A gloriously wicked story that I will most likely read again in the future. I have many books waiting in line to be read. Let's hope this happy & satisfying rhythm maintains momentum.

Well friends, I hope the beginning of March fills you with the anticipation and optimism of the coming spring.

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