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:: weel 10/52 ::

" ...and then just marvel, be astonished, at any object, movement or scent,

finally recognizing - realizing - that there is nothing

more you could possibly want than what you have, right now.

moments of happiness, moments of happiness come to lovers,

lovers in their right mind."


Sitting in her comfy spot, watching the world go by.

Eager to begin planting....

The sweet scent of spring fills my library.

Happy to have saved this little plant,

new growth, green leaves.

Finally finished 'Our Mutual Friend'...

not my favorite Dickens, the ending was worth it.

Mesmerized by our nightly sunsets...

the way the light shifts and shimmers.


A beautiful joy that greets me on the kitchen counter,

how thrilled I am to soon have a vase on my own home grown

petals filling our home.

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