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:: word gathering ~ on creativity ::

" We must risk delight.

We must have the stubbornness to accept our gladness

in the ruthless furnace of this world."

{Jack Gilbert}

~ it was my sanctuary...when I painted, I had something to cherish & nurture

~ I could create for my spirit

~ stories unfolding in the slow dance of pen & ink

~ all her synapses firing

~ it's like your dreaming mind is throwing images for you to catch

~ what I create comes out of the creating

~ to feast her eyes and fill her notebook

~ I have moved into my art. I'm exhilarated

~ I'm charged, I feel like a bolt of lightning trapped in a jar...I'm riding waves of energy

~ I was in the ink that flowed from the pen

~ a pulse of connection...a quickening

~ such stimulation, such vitality

~ lost in delight

~ the orchestra of whim & wonderment

~ doing so filled their souls with peace & happiness

~ consumed with curiosity

~ her own tastes & inclinations must guide her

~ lost in the contemplation of this happy place

~ purpose filled my days

~ the flame still flickers in me

~ seeing common things afresh

~ my spirit is a-flutter with possibilities

~ the prick of anticipation all around me

~ all it took was patience, determination, and plenty of fresh tea in the pot

~ this was her spring, her renewal

~ possibility is where all the best stories begin

~ she will be a mapmaker, a storyteller, a dreamer of dreams

~ may you have joy in your wanderings

~ a big, bright shining universe full of unexpected possibilities

~ let me begin afresh

~ that germinating excitement which invades a writer out of space & silence

~ every molecule in her was alive, aligned

~ sparks of color & longing

~ magical time tapestry

~ fervor, habit, hunger

~ vibrate in harmony with this love song of impulse

~ to live toward what matters with everything you have

~ momentum carries your forward

~ quivering anew

~ possibilities that unfold

~ this present quest

~ a flush of pleasurable anticipation

~ onward & upward

~ glowing with their own inner fire

~ the lure of reinvention

~ the air itself crackled with the undercurrents of possibility

~ the way the knitting needles dove in & out of the soft strands, creating every moment

something that never existed before

~ a palpable sense of energy settling

~ I want a challenge worthy of my art

~ painting the world in cheerful notes

~ the unfolding of all potential; all of what we might experience & see & learn awaits us

~ a poet's heart

~ observe & translate the world with a photographer's eye

~ filling her with a satisfying joy

~ of notebooks, full of possibilities

~ making us feel alive & enriched, beautiful art opens our eyes to the beauty of the world

~ find your light

{words collected from various sources, not my own}

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