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:: word gathering~ anne of green gables::

~ fields glistened like cloths of silver

~ a tang in the very air that inspired the hearts of maidens

~ all feathery and wonderful

~ reverent silence

~ the thrill of delight that spring never fails to bring

~ a waking in the world and a stir of hidden pauses

~ a deep, primal gladness

~ a briskly snapping woodfire

~ firs were filled with a clear violet dusk like airy wine

~ woods were brimmed up with ruby sunset light

~ there is no sweeter music on earth that that which the wind makes in the fir trees at evening

~ little smoke-blue mists curled through the valleys and floated off from the hills

~ misty blue sky

~ glittering vision of delight

~ enraptured silence

~ saffron sky

~ shaping themselves out of the mists and rainbows of her lively fancy

~ soft mingling fire shine & shadow

~ tiptoeing away the last moonlight light

~ days slipped by like golden beads on the necklace of the year

~ vacation days stretched rosily before them

~ golden summer of her life

~ witcheries of the spring world

~ beckoning day of breeze & blue

~ she drank in the beauty of the summer dusk

~ sweet-scented with flower-breath from the garden

~ sibilant & rustling from the stir of the poplars

~ starry-eyed and rapt

~ air was full of sweet summer sounds

~ deliciously a-thrill with the excitement of it

~ that glorious dome of a sunset sky

~ possibilities lurking rosily in the oncoming years

~ each year a rose of promise to be woven into an immortal chapter

~ lavish of blossom

~ mistily white on the moonshine

~ silvery peaceful beauty & fragrant calm of the night

~ inrush of gladness

~ life still called to her in many insistent voices

~ the deliciousness of fragrance, as of some aerial benediction

~ soft, checkered light & shadow

~ peace and calm of this little place

~ whispering grasses

~ a haunt of ancient peace

~ beyond lay the sea, misty & purple, with its haunting unceasing murmur

~ west was a glory of soft mingled hues

~ she gratefully opened the gates of her soul to it

~ dear old world, you are very lovely & I'm glad to be alive in you

~ companioned by glad content

~ wind purred softly in the cherry boughs

~ flowers of quiet happiness

~ a quiet, well conducted little stream

~ of mellow June sunlight

~ horizon mists of pearl and purple

~ shining like a lamp of guidance & promise

~ eyes glistening with delight

~ suggestive of delightful possibility

~ beauty-loving eyes lingered on it all

~ lost to everything but the loveliness around her

~ the whole, big dear world

~ borne aloft on the wings of imagination

~ woodsy & wild & lonesome

~ lived it over in happy dreams

~ in a breathless whisper

~ don't you just love poetry that gives you a crinkly feeling up and down your back?

~ a long, wide-eyed silence

~ gossamer glimmered like threads of silver among the trees & fir boughs

~ raptured voyages of exploration

~ so rapt & radiant

{Anne of Green Gables}

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