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:: April days... ::

" ...everywhere birds building,

flowers budding, leave thrusting -

everything happy,

and progressive and occupied."

{The Wind in the Willows}

Spring has finally arrived in full glory. I'm always taken by surprise how my body feels renewed once buds and blossoms appear. One can't help but feel the revival of all that lay dormant over the winter months.

A giddiness fills my soul, a slight spring in my step. It feels so good, so very good.

I'm in the strangest yet most exhilarating phase of transition right now. We are just weeks away from FINALLY moving into our new home. My brain is trying to grasp that this is really happening while at the same time finding the discipline not to pack and live out of boxes for the next (hopefully) 6 weeks. Yes, we've had a few scheduling/material setbacks that has pushed the date out a few weeks. I want to just get on with it and start nesting while at the same time summoning a great deal of patience for the process.

My daughter graduates from 8th grade in 3 weeks. Since our relocation to the other side of town & not wanting to take her out of her current school, I've been commuting 2 hrs. everyday to school in the worst traffic in the valley. I am so done. Yes, it's been a choice but my goodness there will be some serious celebrating that last day of school! I can't even begin to imagine what it's going to be like next year when my son drives them both to high school...I love my mornings and will cherish them even more without that school commute.

We have owlets on our new property. They are the cutest. I take binoculars over in the evening, and just sit and watch them. I need to get a bird book for the area, I'm finding bird-watching to be quite enjoyable.

On reading...I think I'll write a separate post on what I read the month of April later this week. It was a good month of reading with some incredible books coming out in May that I'm so excited for.

Time to head out for the school pick up....

Until next time...

Take care, my friends.

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