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:: August days... ::

" Oh, I know how it is looking out in the garden this golden weather,

how the placid hours are slipping by in unchanged peace,

how strong the scent of roses and ripe fruit is,

how the sleepy bees drone round the flowers,

how warmly the sun shines in that corner

where the little Spanish chestnut is turning yellow....

I want to be out there on that golden grass,

and look up into that endless blue,

and feel the ecstasy of that song

all through my being."

{The Solitary Summer}

to cherish each month

as it arrives

to witness the beauty

of the gifts bestowed

ever-changing light and shadow

richness of ripening fruit

evening slant of light

draping the world in golden hues

to feel that ecstasy of song

all through my being

this is all

this is enough

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