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" It was a splendid morning; and I went out to enjoy it,

in a quiet ramble in my own company with my own blissful thoughts.

The dew was on the grass, and ten thousand gossamers were waving in the breeze;

the happy redbreast was pouring out its little soul in song,

and my heart overflowed with silent hymns of gratitude and praise to heaven."

{The Tenant of Wildfell Hall}

With silent hymns of gratitude and praise to heaven...

what better evocation to these past few weeks of rain-filled bliss.

A green so deep, so vibrant, the air filled with such freshness.

I love the rain, I love the gentle melody it plays to my heart.

3 more weeks until summer break.

3 more weeks until I am gifted with a glorious quiet in the early morning hours.

Today we begin framing the house,

it feels more real somehow, to experience the physical spaces take form.

Of course, I'm most eager to witness the way the light falls through the windows,

because that's everything to my creative spirit.

Living in this state of transition has been both hard and good,

I'm thankful we are on the downhill journey.

To feel rooted once again,

to sit and watch and grow old with my trees.

Halfway through "The Years" by Virginia Woolf...

her writing has both a sadness and piercing beauty to it.

I've been organizing and deleting photos this weekend,

it's always energizing and happiness inducing to walk memory lane.

My soul feels such thankfulness for this gift of photography,

the noticing and appreciating of this life I've been given,

this family we've raised, the beauty I've captured.

It's been a good few weeks...

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