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" What matters is this:

your intent to claim the day

with gusto and bravery and longing.

What matters is waking up and asking,

What can I be today?,

and then devoting a small handful of moments

to this task of wonderment.

That is all."

{Christina Rosalie}

sweet summer break...

we've arrived.

the days shift,

find spaciousness,

a slower pace.

up at 5:30

for my morning walk

in the gloriousness of

the silence

this witnessing of the world waking.

with my camera in tow,

my pace slows...

taking in all the wonderment of this world.

with the stress of the daily 3 hr school commute

off my shoulders,

time feels abundant

a lightness settles in...

what a relief.

just a few chapters left of Cloud Cuckoo Land.

to be honest,

it took the first 500 (of 622) pages to find the flow...

I'm not a quitter.

looking forward to our weekly bike-rides on the greenbelt,

just me and my girl.

enjoying watching the progress on our new home...

it's ever-so-slowly happening

with the next 3 months full of forward momentum.

such joy having the kids home all day,

the laughter, the conversation...

slow days together.

thankful for these days...

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