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" She has this way of always finding

the good

and believing in everything

despite all she had seen.

And that is what I loved the most -

the pure magic of

her undying hope."


Hope. Choosing to walk in the light of hope, each and every day. You will not find me scrolling the news, it's simply too much for my heart, instead choosing to spend my time on . Because I truly believe that despite all the absolute heartache, frustration and nonsense we read about, there is also so much good happening in the world and I'm choosing to remain optimistic in spite of it all.

Settling in for these glorious, time-laden summer days. I love having my kids home for break, I appreciate that they too, love to be home which means I get to see so much of them! This season tends to lean on the quiet side, you won't find us filling our days with activities or too many commitments, time is precious and I want to squeeze the slowness of our days to the last drop.

I'm eager to try some new recipes this week. Looking forward to making . I've been meaning to make this salad forever . Even though it's quite warm out, I still love to bake which my kids love (especially my son). are absolutely delicious!

The Neville Ranch house is making progress which makes me so happy! We walk over each evening and I slowly visit each space, admiring the soft light, the sense of calm this home evokes. I've enjoyed capturing still life moments in the home and have felt challenged in this current temporary home we're living in...the light is quite bright, which is nice but doesn't lend to that cozy, homey atmosphere I love to photograph. I'm giddy with excitement for completion even if we're still almost a year out...good patience practice.

I started the month reading The Loving Spirit by Du Maurier. The premise was a little odd, but I still enjoyed it. Then I moved on to Armadale which was entertaining. Currently reading Rebecca (for the third time). Personally, I don't think any of her other novels compare to Rebecca. Such a perfect summer read, I love this book.

In June, I made a commitment to carry my Canon 70D with me on all my walks, wanting to really capture the landscape, the flowers and everything else that catches my eye with a greater attentiveness. This decision has brought me so much joy and fulfillment. Definitely making this happen all the time now.

Until next time, be well and Happy July!

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