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:: September days... ::

" Fall has fallen.

The leaves are yellow against

the dark blue-grey sky

and the winds have picked up.

The winds that are still warm and

force your eyes to close in silent reverence

to the sensations on your face when

they brush past; you can almost

hear the music in it, carried from

somewhere far too far away just

to meet you on this day.

Where does the wind go, where

does it sleep at night and what

secrets shouted into it does it

carry past our ears?

I am listening.

I will always be listening.

Whisper to me."



the years harbinger

of the autumnal season...

this in-between time

filled with the slow

transition of the turning season.

I feel the anticipation of

quieter days ahead

moments filled with coziness...

a book in my lap,

tea brewing in the kettle.

A slowing down of the year,

nestling in,

living at a quieter pace.

A heart in tune to the

pace of nature.

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1 Comment

Cathy Sly
Cathy Sly
Oct 01, 2022

Such a beautiful collection of light and beauty!

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