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:: small lessons ::

" Patience is not the ability to wait

but how you act while you're waiting..."

{Joyce Meyer}

As this home building slowly moves along,

I feel a fine balance between patience

and impatience

ambivalence and exuberance.

All the while remembering....

There are lessons in the waiting,

gems of growth in the pausing.

Knowing when it reaches the finish line

the reward will be worth its weight in gold,

sparkling like stars against this vast and wide open sky.

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Sep 21, 2022

Hi Cathy,

We are about 9 months away from completion...with every day one step closer. Maybe I'll share photos here soon...I feel a little weird doing that yet I always love seeing what other people are doing when it comes to home building. Hope you are doing well and enjoying this cooler weather!

Take care,



Cathy Sly
Cathy Sly
Sep 18, 2022

I have been thinking about your new home and wondering if you had moved yet.

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