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:: word gathering ~ dreams of summer ::

"The summer came to life

It burst from gray to fierce blue and gold in the blink of an eye;

the air pealed with grasshoppers and lawnmowers,

swirled with branches and bees and dandelion seeds,

it was soft and sweet as whipped cream,

and over the wall the wood was calling us in the loudest of silent voices,

it was shaking out all its best treasures to welcome us home.

summer tossed out a fountain of ivy tendrils,

caught us straight under the breastbones and tugged;

summer, redeemed and unfurling in front of us,

a million years long."

{Tana French}

~ in summer, we all live in a dreamy palace

~ satisfactions beyond wonder

~ full of the beautiful cloudy stuff of dreams

~ how the music flows, riparian and silky

~ world stitched together flower by flower

~ idling

~ take in the sensuous gifts of the season

~ summer is the throne room of the spirit

~ sopranos through murmuring hedges

~ in slow decrescendos

~ summer is all green sound

~ as summer, lulling and so mild, goes golden buttercup-wild

~ consummate light

~ June's high blue

~ as faith as clear as the heights of the June-blue heaven

~ summer-new

~ come to bud then open like soft little sighs

~ the meadowlarks whistle, its breath-praise

~ its thrill-song, its anthem, its thanks, its alleluia

~ ethereal estuary

~ frith of light

~ magical caravans flickering beneath low July skies

~ childhood returns with summer

~ happy as the grass was green

~ time let me play and be golden

~ it was air and playing, lovely & watery

~ happy as the heart was long

~ all of summer welling into a flood of fragrance

~ each moment is sweeter and more precious than any you'll ever taste again

~ pink pond-blossoms

~ the warm, indolent, half-voluptuous silence

~ vast space of the sky overhead so clear

~ froth with flowering grasses

~ wake with the light

~ summer night is like a perfection of thought

~ a confetti cloud of fritillaries covers the golden glow

~ among the scarlet blossoms

~ summer days appear the emblems of perfect happiness

~ the poetry of the earth is ceasing never

~ breathing in the scent of captured sunshine

~ sun dappled shade

~ tressed & heavy with pink & creamy blooms

~ a smell of hay & honey and the promise of summer

~ I took a deep breath & filled my lungs with summer

{words gathered from various sources}

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