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:: word gathering ~ slow reading ::

" Slow reading is a craft, a practice,

a quiet movement,

a meditative approach to the reading life."

~ to feel our landscape marvelously transformed

~ the page is an illuminated place

~ step inside the light that words cast

~ desire for details

~ encyclopedic, bristling, beautiful planet of a novel

~ wild cosmos of words

~ proceed patiently

~ cherish the details

~ awaken us like the spring

~ alive to a books provocation

~ listening with patience is the first step

~ aptness & precision

~ living lives in which the heart expands

~ delectable caress of a chosen adjective

~ our passion is our task

~ tranquil, bright, sweetly harmonious

~ calm & steadfast resolution

~ soul swooned softly

~ carefully absorb the details of the book

~ a deliberate pace

~ serene & joyful effect

~ wholehearted, dizzying passion

~ astonished gratitude

~ the more slowly and patiently one muses

~ wonderful luxuriant passage

~ soft & majestic rhythm

~ weaving a web of words

~ rapturous stillness

~ beautiful fragment of language

~ pellucid, light-tripping, gracefully magical

~ readerly patience

~ deepen your experience with the book open before you

~ attune yourself to the presence

~ patience is needed in your quest

~ a burning flame that illuminates and gives life to everything

~ slow down and notice the details

~ a landscape full of unsettled, unexpected joys

~ the spur it has given your mind

~ appreciative, puzzled, and full of wonder

~ enriched with annotations

~ anticipating refuge in a book

~ captivates the reader

~ playing with possibility

~ a quieter, inward questing sensibility

~ alive to the possibilities of the soul

{Slow Reading in a Hurried Age by David Mikis}

I hope these words offer you a still point in your day,

a gentle pause amidst the fullness of the moment.

letting the lines linger in your mind,

settle softly in your heart.

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