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:: A quiet gathering of days... ::

January days....

an eagerness to begin again,

creativity re-surfacing....

knit those 5 rows a day,

morning writing,

starting a daily photography project.

how great it feels to turn the calendar to a new year.

February days...

the landscape takes on a muted hue,

as the world slumbers on.

still knitting,

creating in my discovery journal...

clipping and pasting pretty pictures from my collection of Bella Grace magazines.

miles of morning walks with my camera,

discovering the beauty amidst the bareness.

sitting and allowing my heart just to be.

appreciating the stillness of this season.

March arrives...

softly and slowly....

a new and much welcomed energy arrives.

morning walks filled with the scent of a world waking up,

lighter in my steps, a heart filled with wonder.

bright yellow daffodils

is there anything happier than this?

what treasures and wonders abound with a receptive heart

to the beauty and gift of this world.

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