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:: flickering of firelight ::

" Soon the fire is raging,

smoke pooling in corners of the inky room,

the crackle of flames a primal sound that calms...

connecting her to a precious place

where the present is most alive,

the past and future as wispy as dreams."

{Black Rabbit Hall}

Sitting fireside

a book in my lap

steaming mug of tea in my hands

watching the flames dance and crackle

sending the scent of comfort in the air...

being present,

all else falls away.

in this moment

that is truly

one of my most loved of all.

~ the fire lit quiet of the small silent house descended on her spirit with a sense of peace & familiarity

~ sinking down with a sigh of content on the pillowed lounge near the fire

~ on whose mighty hearth a great fire of logs flamed & flared

~ warmed with another log fire, which sent a hollow roar up the wide chimney

~ white low flames in the fireplace warmed the room gently

~ the fire dancing brightly

~ the room fell silent, only and crack & spit of the fire

~ laying his little fire for the long, dark evening with his music and poetry

~ listening to the whispering of the fire

~ watching the flames leap in the hearth as the wind roared outside

~ the ghosts of woodsmoke lingered in the air

~ a cool breeze, laced with woodsmoke

~ a roaring fire & books to your hearts content

~ the fireplace crackled with birch logs, sending waves of warmth welcome in the winter chill

~ burnished gold in the firelight

~ flickering glow of the fire

~ a playful shimmer in the woodsmoke, a leap of blue golden flame

~ time suspended in the drifting woodsmoke

~ the flames flickered, the dry kindling flared & crackled

~ smoke curled from the chimney, the kettles sang

~ the campfire crackles & pops

~ the flames of the fire danced in the grate

~ nodding by the flickering fire

~ smoke curled from the cottage

~ threads of smoke that wound their way from chimney pots

~ watching the firelight mingle with the stormy dusk

~ the room filled with a mellow glow

~ living embers cast a wavering light

~ only the darkness, full of beating firelight

~ the air above the wood-fire was alive with pirouetting waves of heat

~ the fire burned softly, the air over the hearth a fine shimmer

{words gathered here & there, not my own}

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