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:: gently falling rain.... ::

" The rain fell gently, persistently, making a little chuckling and burbling noise in the gutters.

Edward, leaning out of the window, could still see the trees in the college garden,

whitened by the falling rain. Save for the rustle of the trees and the rain falling,

it was perfectly quiet.

A damp, earthy smell came up from the wet ground.

Lamps were being lit here and there in the dark mass of the college;

and there was a pale-yellowish mound in one corner where the lamplight

fell upon a flowering tree.

The grass was becoming invisible, fluid, grey, like water.

He drew in a long breath of satisfaction.

Of all the moments in the day he liked this the best,

when he stood and looked out into the garden."

{Virginia Woolf}

I love the quiet of a rainy day.

I love the way the sky holds the light and shadow,

the pitter patter of the droplets against the window.

I love the comfort of the rain,

I love how the soothing sound makes the perfect accompaniment

to my reading time while sipping my tea.

Slowing down, savoring the moment...

drawing in a long breath of satisfaction.

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