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:: hello, summer... ::

" If spring is all about looking forward, and autumn about dying back,

summer surely is the present moment:

a long, hot now that marks the sultry climax of the year.

Roughly bookended by haymaking and the grain harvest,

it is a time of fruition and plenty,

of promises fulfilled.

Spring's generative riotousness slows and ceases,

and a stillness settles over the land."

{Melissa Harrison}

Summer days...

greeting the day with our walk...

up and out the door

before the heat settles in.

cherishing the still-cool morning air

as we walk among the dappled light

of dawn.

arriving home to sip my coffee

on the patio,

reading a few chapters

while listening to the happy chatter

of the outside world.

then off to tend to the garden

which is happily flourishing.

many lessons learned already

in this little garden of mine.

oh, how I love summer mornings...

most days, paying little heed to the clock

or calendar...

this free flowing abundance

of time.

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