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" But I don't thrive on busyness.

It sucks me dry, and I get lost

in the liturgy of life, when my

focus shifts from being a person with

intentional purposes

to a checker of to-do lists.

When my daily goals become efficiency

and productivity instead of

reflection and contentment."

{Tsh Oxenreider}

This past week was one of those rare times when I seem to book all my yearly dr. appointments at the same time. It was exhausting. I'm happy it's over and grateful I came away with a clean bill of health. Waking up to a weekend morning left me smiling and so happy for a few quiet days ahead.

Despite the fullness of my week, there were moments of pause and appreciation, small pockets of reading and sipping my tea. I learned long ago that no matter how much might be on my calendar, it's essential to make time for myself, even if it's 20 minutes.

I'm still playing around with the feel of this space. I've been thinking about other blogs I enjoy and one consistent theme that I always look forward to is the small glimpses into their everyday. I thought I'd try my own version out, we'll see how it goes or if I run out of things to share!

A few things from the week:

  • Making lists in the small hours before the day begins. I'm fostering a new word gathering idea that is currently giving me so much joy.

  • Blossom hunting on my morning walks, it's beginning to feel like spring around here, even if it's suppose to snow this weekend. I recently planted ranunculus and pansies in pots for the yard, obviously too early because I'm covering them every night. I don't mind, I love the splash of color when I look outside.

  • Dallas snoozing on the sofa in my office, her little contented snores. So peaceful, my little buddha.

  • February was a long, somewhat difficult month. I'm thankful to witness the world waking up. Finding such enjoyment in watching the gradual growth of a buds life as much as the full bloom, there's so much texture and aliveness to the process.

  • Recently finished reading The Historian for the third time. I love this book.

  • Enjoying the ranunculus from Trader Joe's. I could photograph those lovely, frilly petals all day long.

  • We began construction on our home. I cried when Lars announced the day we were starting. It's been a very long process and I'm overjoyed it's happening. Every night we walk over (5 minutes away) to see the progress... a slow progress and quite boring at this point, a hole and lots of concrete.

I hope you enjoyed these little musings from the week.

Have a great weekend!

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