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:: week 2/52 ::

Winter has arrived and it's freezing! For the first time in years, I've had to skip the daily walk a few times this week. My kids returned to school for one day after the break, the following day declared a snow day. They were thrilled and I was more than happy to be home with the roads unsafe to drive.

This week is all about chasing the light when it decides to shine forth. Oh, what a gift this wintry sunshine is after so many gray days (I love the gray days...but have my limits).

After the holiday break, I find January to be a fairly un-productive month. I'm not even thinking about the to-do list or dreaming up new's essential for my soul to seek ease for the month. I like to think of it as a recalibration of mind, body and soul.

One project I do look forward to in January is printing and organizing my Collect photos from the past year. I've completed this photo/journaling project for the past 7 years which seems crazy to me. It's a labor of love but worth every minute. I'm especially thankful for the documenting when my kids were small (and liked having pictures taken), so many memories of the simple moments cherished.

Until next week, stay warm and read a good book!

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Cathy Sly
Cathy Sly
Jan 18

I love that you are doing this project. I too am doing a very loose 365. It seems that when we diligently pick up our camera and look for something truly meaningful to point it at, we are rewarded in so many ways. Lovely photos! Beautiful light.

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