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:: the mysteries of udolpho ::

Last January, I found myself happily immersed between the pages of this mysterious, often funny and highly entertaining gothic novel. I adored this story. With each page turned, I felt the shiver of anticipation with what might happen next...a glorious and immensely satisfying experience. Then there were the words, I gathered twenty pages of lovely lines in my journal that I'm excited to share here with you (rest assured, I will not share all twenty pages...). On a side note, for some the story might feel long-drawn with extensive passages describing the beauty of the landscape, yet for me I felt a richness in the story with such vivid details. I highly recommend this novel, it's a treasure. Enjoy!

~ pastoral landscapes

~ delighted to repose

~ listen to the music that floated on its waves

~ of pastoral simplicity

~ the scenes of simple nature, the pure delights of literature, the exercise of domestic virtues

~ the wild walks of the mountains

~ sprightly melodies

~ full of tender sweetness

~ the deepest shade of twilight

~ the influence of those sweet affections

~ a well informed mind is the best security against the contagion of folly and vice

~ softened by the distance, melted from the eye into one rich harmonious tint

~ the sweet evening hour to welcome the silent dusk

~ her light steps wind these wood-walks green

~ her soul illumn'd eyes

~ revive the soul, make mere existence bliss

~ as she sauntered along the wood-walks of this romantic glen

" How often, in my youth, have I climbed among its broad branches, and sat embowered amidst a world of leaves, while the heavy shower has pattered above, and not a rain drop reached me! How often have I sat with a book in my hand, sometimes reading, and sometimes looking out between the branches upon the wide landscape, and the setting sun, till twilight came, and brought the birds home to their little nests among the leaves."

~ the magic of the look that speaks at once to the soul

~ drowsy murmur of the breeze among the woods

~ gleamed with evening light

~ who haunted these wild regions

~ the deep silence of these solitudes

~ wrapt in the complacency which such scenes inspire

~ lingered to indulge in the reveries of fancy

~ pauses of silence

~ of the lovely and the sublime

~ of delicate tenderness

" She felt a pure devotion, superior to all the distinctions of the human system, which lifts the soul above this world, and seems to expand into a nobler nature."

~ this blue vault, the cheerful light of day

~ amid the vapors of an autumnal evening

~ her heart beat with fearful anticipation

~ dancing on the green yonder, as merry as grasshoppers

~ I can enjoy this tranquil hour

~ sweet music borne on the distant air

~ softened into silence

~ low, mystic murmurs of the wind

~ twilight-dew falls silent round

~ trembling radiance

~ the delight of their present days

~ with a light grace and gaiety of heart

" That exquisite delight, which awakens the fancy, and leads to poetry."

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