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:: word gathering ~ stillness ::

" Let silence take you to the core of life "


Hello, dear readers, I've been happily absorbed in organizing my extensive word collection over the past month, playing with the idea of adding a little creative flair to this treasure trove of words I hold dear, which ended up with me categorizing my word collection by themes that stir my soul and light to my heart. I'm making great progress, having a delightful time in the process of reading each page (I have 9 full binders of words gathered!!) and reminiscing on the hundreds of novels I've read over the years. I'm so thankful I've remained consistent with this labor of love, it's such a joy to go back, read the lines and have such happy memories of my reading life.

This week I'll begin with stillness ~ .... so settle in with a steaming mug of tea and enjoy lingering over the these words. I hope these few minutes bring a deep sigh of satisfaction to your day.

" Let my heart be still and moment and this mystery explore."

{Edgar Allan Poe}

~ the swaying mantle of stillness

~ gently in moments

~ this place of heavenly calm

~ idleness in this soft place

~ delighted to repose

~ she listened in profound silence

~ the deep silence of the solitudes

~ pauses of silence

~ softened into silence

~ in musing silence

~ the influence of the hour

~ wrapt in musing silence

~ to resign herself to the tranquility of the hour

~ gloom & profound stillness awed her

~ of breathless stillness

~ the still space that lies at the heart of things

~ the solemnity of this silence

~ of musing stillness

~ a delightful tranquility stole over her mind & held her in silence

~ a rapt stillness prevailed

~ to taste the joys of solitude

~ she lingered delectably

~ hush & harmony

~ I felt a soft quietude come over me

~ spells of quietness

~ the holy calm that lay like sunshine

~ a soft silence

~ a thoughtful silence

~ in luxurious silence

~ in a quiet interval

~ patient stillness

~ all was silence & stillness

~ in quiet wonderment

~ stilled to a reverent hush

~ wrap its solitude around her

~ the stillness that followed was the silence of held breath

~ an expectant silence, settled into stillness

~ a silence unfolded, unhurried & companionable

~ a stillness, an attentiveness

~ for the space of a heartbeat

~ hummed softly

~ the quiet, the libraries & cathedrals hushed with sublime beauty

~ the bliss of nature's quiet

~ silence settled for a moment

~ I closed my eyes; reaching inside for the calm, centered space

~ the pureness of those sacred hours

~ silence, the sublime sort

~ a sleepy pause

~ italic hours

~ I fell into a sort of reverie

~ how luxurious, having a silent day to herself

~ untrammeled by the world

*** to be continued...***

{words collected from various sources, not my own}

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