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:: word gathering~ autumn ::

" She takes a deep breath of the autumn air, crisp & peppery, fuevulous & sweet, she feels it crackle down to the bottom of her lungs. Fall has always been her favorite season. In the fall, time is transitioning to silent hibernation instead of the mad rush of life that comes in springtime. There is a relief as the world starts to settle in on its heels." {The Honey Farm}

~ she took a deep breath of the cold night air, crisp with woodsmoke

~ the room held a soft radiance - the setting of the sun's reflection from the shimmering leaves of the chestnut grove

~ suffused with golden light

~ the smell of roasting pumpkins was thick and sweet in the air

~ it was a still morning and the smoke rose straight to the leaden sky

~ the autumnal mood possessed us

~ somber October evening seemed to breathe its chill, moist air over the succeeding weeks

~ it was late autumn, very gentle and golden...I loved the quiet-colored fields of stubble and the hazy water meadows

~ the golden light of autumn

~ in the crisp autumn air, in the bright sunlight

~ these silent workings of an invisible hand had reached them, and they were completely enveloped, this being the first arrival of the autumn fogs

~ in the fog and gloom of this mildewy time

~ the west wind was sighing in the branches, leaves were whispering

~ in the pale clear light of the October sun

" ...So the days slipped away, as each morning dawned bright and fair, and each evening followed cool and clear. But autumn was waning fast; slowly the golden light faded to pale silver, and the lingering leaves fell from the naked trees." {Fellowship of the Ring}

~ whispering fell the beeches

~ there was an autumn-like mist upon the ground and the air was chill

~ the sugar maples wavered like pyres of light

~ leisure to wander in the bright autumn air

~ of that first glorious autumn

~ it was a day of amber sunlight, there was a shiver of coming winter in the air

~ mellow autumn moments

~ a howling, rainy autumn evening

~ in dark autumn twilight

~ for it was October, the birth of the year

~ the garden is falling asleep with an air of deep tobacco and woodsmoke

~ the smell of a farmer's market on a misty autumn morning

~ the timid orange of an October sunset

~ a shimmer of bronze in the autumn light

~ a deep, appley scent of autumn

~ you could feel it: something wonderful was happening, the air had a cider like note, part sweet, part rotten

~ a fine autumn day has turned to a chill evening where the dry leaves are being blown against the windows, whirling & crackling in sudden gusts

" A spell of that extraordinarily beautiful autumn weather that always takes us by surprise,

when the low sunshine is warmer than in spring; when the air is pure and thin, everything sparkles enough to sting the eyes; when you breathe deep and feel refreshed, drinking in the fragrant autumn air;

when the nights are warm, and on dark, warm nights like these golden stars startle or delight us by scattering themselves endlessly down the sky." {War & Peace}

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