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:: a year that will be... ::

" This year, I have a feeling, will surprise me.

It'a an open field; an empty garden plot,

a shore that the highest tide had left exposed for wandering.

It will be a year for wonder.

A year of finding things, and mapping them;

of following new stars.

A year of germination & cultivation.

A year to fertilize the new bright shoots of possibility

and plans with patience & perseverance." {Christina Rosalie}


Hello and welcome to my new journal. I've wanted to create a new home for this space for so long and have finally made the move. I'm excited to be writing and sharing again, to have a space that allows greater creativity in my journaling, opening the doors to "the new bright shoots of possibility". With that in mind, instead of waiting until I felt this space is perfect, I'm learning as I go along (thank you for your patience as I work out the little details I'm still becoming familiar with). So many parts of the blogging process here is easier for me (hello uploading and editing photos) in addition to the various ways I can be creative with my posts which I'm so excited about.

Thank you for visiting. I'm so happy you're here.

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