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:: May days... ::

" It was a brilliant spring day; the day was radiant.

Even the air seemed to have a burr in it,

as it touched the treetops; it vibrated, it rippled.

The leaves were sharp and green.

In the country, the old church clocks rasped out the hour;

the rusty sound went over fields that were red with clover,

and up went the rooks as if flung by the bells.

Round they wheeled; then settled on the treetops.

All was gallant and strident."

{Virginia Woolf - The Years}

Dear May

you are always a gift.

This year is one to remember...

a graduation from high school.

I feel nothing but elation

for his journey and adventures ahead.

Mothering for these past 18 years has

been the greatest blessing in my life.

Thankfully I can look back at nurturing my children

with a peace that I have wrung out every second of everyday,

made the very most of & cherished each moment.

This is the greatest gift of all.

I sit in the joy of knowing it's only just beginning,

for the journey of motherhood never ends.

In the green and vibrancy of May...

walking, I feel as though my body absorbs the

verdancy of nature,

a new energy thrums.

To feel the spirit of renewal,

a lifting of my spirit...

a joyful celebration.

Arriving home from my parents house

arms brimming with peony bouquets,

I feel the richest girl on earth.

To describe the scent of these petals...

can you hear my heart singing?

We sit fireside in the cool of May evenings,

the heady smell of woodsmoke fills my lungs...

I am transported to a place of such heavenly bliss.

I read, he sketches.

The frogs and crickets begin their nightly chorus.

Looking up, I take in the magnitude of the night sky,

an embodiment of silence and transcendence

feeling the enormity of this vast universe...

such miracles.

So the month slowly glides along...

I am mindful of staying present,

taking each day as it arrives

with gratitude and an open heart.

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