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:: week 1/52 ::

Happiest of New Years to you!

I had no intention of the radio silence for so long. It's been so hard for me to summon the interest to sit at my computer for awhile now. I'm slowly finding my way back to this space, along with the creative enthusiasm necessary to continue on.

One goal I have for myself with the start of this new year is a loose 365 project. I've wanted to do this far, 15 days in and I'm on a roll (lasting longer than the previous year's sad attempts). The only condition I've placed on this project is that I'm only shooting with my DSLR. There is a joy and experimentation with my DSLR (I shoot in manual mode) that I will never feel otherwise. I'm enjoying the challenge of this commitment, especially when I have a day which feels that there is nothing to photograph. There always is, somedays I just have to look harder.

I'm currently loving the deep fog of morning, looking out my back windows at the twinkle lights shedding some joy in the midst of these dark winter mornings. Blooms, blooms, blooms...filling my house with color and the beauty of bouquets, an essential this time of year...all year, really.

My reading life is off to a slow start...I've started reading Our Mutual Friend by Charles Dickens along with The Writings of Jon Muir. Both are enjoyable, especially Jon Muir. Reading his essays feels like being wrapped in a comforting embrace. His gift of observation and his passionate appreciation for nature is something I cherish in writing. Dickens requires an attentiveness that I'm finding a bit hard to harness right matter, I will finish the novel. Reading Dickens is always an adventure, there is the uphill climb that can last awhile yet once you start descending, the story sings. Patience is the key.

Hope you are staying warm and in good health!

I'll be back in a few days catching up with week 2.

Take care, my friends. y

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