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:: word gathering ::

~ clarity flooded through her

~ moonless and pulsating with distant stars

~ pour all of her attention, pin all of her hopes

~ basked in the deep familiar

~ relief flooded her body, lightening her bones

~ calm descended ~ she inhaled deeply, a sigh of pleasure

~ decide as your heart dictates

~ watery, late afternoon light

~ blue hush of early twilight

~ spread of stars above her was as soothing as a lullaby

~ savored the sweetness of the moment

~ guided by her own beliefs, her own principles

~ mind expands to accommodate its light

~ thoughts unspooling into words

~ keep your mind open to possibility

~ uncertainty had its own peculiar thrill

~a rush of love

~ warm current of comfort swept through her

~ her path could not be clearer if it were blazed across the sky

~ shaping the minds, sharpening the intellect

~ luminous sensation

~ suspended in a state of wonder

~ a dazzling universe within and upon her

~ soft lap of tiny breakers came into the quiet

~ marveling by moonlight

~ the night sky a dark curtain overhead, sprinkled with stars

~ it is you who creates the light you speak of

~ quiet descends

~ stilled, waiting, reverent

:: A Movement of Stars ::

As I sat looking over my collection of words gathered these past 8 or so years, I came across the ones from this novel. While I don't remember many details of the story, I remember enjoying it. The words collected from novels I've read serve as a reminder, a tiny glimpse into the story that held my heart so long ago. There have been several projects that have had their time in my life, some shorter than others, yet this one has remained steadfast the longest, which makes me so happy.

What project in your life has sustained and inspired you?

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