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:: word gathering ~ on beauty ::

" For the beauty of the world,

and for its deep pull,

for the mystery of it, & it's timing,

for it's deep, deep knowing."

{Once there were wolves}

~ gazed long on the splendors of the world

~ solitary beauty of the landscape

~ the deep repose of it's beauty

~ that exquisite delight, which awakens the fancy & leads to poety

~ a mind, so susceptible of whatever is grand & beautiful

~ all the exquisite influence of the hour trembled in their veins

~ to dream the dream of loveliness

~ for an illumined moment

~ a delightful harmony of the magical & the ordinary

~ the immensity of the moment

~ her heart soared at the sight of it

~ weaves a magic spell

~ all the wonder, all the worldly magic

~ how it must be to see only beauty in this world

~ every single thing radiated for a brief moment with extraordinary beauty, a daily grace

~ the world is full of possibility & fascination

~ to soak in acres of beauty

~ enchanted by the world & its sentiments

~ a blissful day arrives, soft air descends

~ exalted ordinary things

~ for a wild, magical moment

~ poetically beautiful

~ worlds of wonder

~ a beauty spoken with reverence

~ electrifying, its joy

~ of great, overwhelming awe

~ beauty & solemnity

~ in dazzling profusion

~ the most breath-taking wonder

~ ethereal & dreamlike

~ I let that beauty cast its spell

~ this was not the world, it was enchantment

~ I feel all the energy of the world

~ all the lovely color of our life

~ in this majestic place that had shaped her, defined her

~ there was beauty to this place, wild & unspoiled, vivid & sharp

~ to be winded by the grace of the world

~ filled with wonderment

~ breathing in the landscape & allowing it to be part of her heart

~ everything was silent, beautiful & serene

~ I am ravished with enchantment

{words collected from various sources}

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