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:: hello, spring ::

" Spring returned. Birds followed ploughs. Stones were warmed by the sun.

Rains and winds grew softer, and were fragranced with the scents of earth and growing things.

Woods were tinged with a color so soft, so subtle that it could scarcely be said to be a color at all.

It was more the idea of color - as if the trees were dreaming green dreams

or thinking green thoughts."

{Susanna Clark}

Happy first day of Spring!

I'd love to tell you our trees are in full bloom as shown in my images above. This is not the case, March feels like February here in Idaho. It's been so cold, windy and simply quite dreary. I have a feeling we will skip right past spring this year and jump full force into summer. For once in my life, I'm ok with's been a challenging winter for me and I'm welcoming the anticipation of warmth and endless sunshine with open arms.

These past few days I happily devoured Pineapple Street by Jenny Jackson. That thrill one feels when you're hooked from the first page...what a treat. After months of uninspired reading, each book read falling short of inspiration, I felt such relief and satisfaction after finishing this latest novel.

Up next, When in Rome by Liam Callahan. I'm hoping for a story steeped in delicious Italian food, a gorgeous setting with a sprinkling of romance. The best kind of escapist novel.

We are officially 3 months away from moving into our new home. Words cannot express the joy I feel in my heart. My beloved books have been stored away for almost 2 years and I'm dying to be reunited with them. Of course, the wait is worth it...I can't wait to share pictures of my new library (a cathedral ceiling with walnut beams...a fireplace, built in flanking both side of the room)'s a dream come true! I'm so ready to be settled once and for all.

Well friends, that's all I have for now...

Until next time.

Enjoy the day!

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Cathy Sly
Cathy Sly
Mar 20, 2023

April, wasn't this winter a bear! Like you we are a bit behind here in western Washington and our trees are just starting to bud. I am so excited for your move and am a bit curious where you live in Idaho. Thanks for the book recommendations.

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