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:: week 8/52 ::

" Besides the noble art of getting things done,

there is the noble art of leaving things undone."

{Lin Yutang}

I've been listening to the Calm app now for 148 days straight. First thing upon waking, I sit in my library and meditate for about 10 minutes. I'm at the point where I can't not do it, it's such an integral part of starting my day. The quote above is from one of the meditations, words I think we could all do with honoring more often. Most often, I feel I have a reasonable grasp on balancing what needs to happen with what can wait. Other times, everything feels urgent. One habit I'm trying to adopt is leaving my emails for later in the day, only checking them on my computer. Now, don't think I have oodles of emails in a day, I do not. Yet, I have enough that when I read them, I feel the urge to respond right then which is ridiculous. So, I'm working my best to eradicate this thought. It's working well, so far. Ironically, I'm realizing that I could get away with not checking emails daily, there is rarely anything that important in the pipeline (the only reason I do is the school correspondence I don't want to miss). Once my kids are out of high school, maybe I'll read my emails once a week...that's a goal!

Filling my house with these lovely blooms pictured above. If anyone can tell me what these flowers are, I'd love to know. They smell incredible and fill my home with all kinds of spring happiness (in theory at least)'s still very much winter this week!

As I was choosing the photos to include this week (I take several most days), I realized how I'm looking forward to adding color in my photography again. To every thing there is a season, yes?

My son is leaving for France in a few weeks for a school trip. I'm so thrilled for him while at the same time nervous to set him free in Europe. Thankfully, the trip is fully adult supervised. While he's away, we've planned a trip to Disneyland with our daughter. I'm very much looking forward to leaving town for a few days. Fingers crossed the rain subsides in California, if not...we'll buy ponchos and have the merriest time of our lives (I love Disneyland...we've been several times, each time just gets better!)

I've decided to re-listen to all of Jane Austen's novels on Audible. My favorite narrator is Juliet Stevenson. Her narration is incredible, the way she embodies each character so differently, bringing the story to life in ways you don't necessarily translate while reading. Listening to her is such a joy. I've started with Northanger Abby, it's one of my favorite of her novels. I'm sure people driving by while I'm out walking think I'm nutty as I walk and laugh while listening. It's the small pleasures in life.

Until next time...

I should think of a more graceful closing in my posts....until I do, take care!

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