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:: week 7/52 ::

" Oh the joy of walking!

...the trance like, swimming, flying through the air;

the current of sensations & ideas;

& the slow, but fresh change of down, of road, of color:

all this churned up into a fine thin sheet of perfect

calm and happiness."

{Virginia Woolf}

Playing catch up here with my weekly postings. Some weeks just happen and I find very little time or desire to sit here and type. I suppose this was what I meant by attending to this project "loosely".

We've had days of such glorious sunshine. I can walk for hours, just pottering about, taking pictures, listening to the birds wild chirps and calls, observing how the trees and plants are beginning to slowly emerge from winter's slumber. We still have a good month of so to go before it truly feels like spring, even so...I'll take and appreciate those days that cast a glimmer of what's on the horizon.

Recently finished a delightful book " Way Makers" on women and walking. Anthologies are one of my favorite types of books, the bits and pieces of varied writing, discovering new authors, feeling as though the words are meant just for it. If you've been around here for a while, you know my love of walking. I aim for 4-5 miles a day, it's my time of re-centering and connecting with nature. I can't imagine my day without a long ramble...a time I feel rooted in so much happiness.

My husband recently gifted me an Ember mug. My goodness, it's life changing! I'm constantly re-heating my morning coffee or afternoon tea and now that I don't have too, well, it's magic. If you have been considering the Ember, I highly recommend it.

Well...I'm off to catch up with week 8!

Take care my friends.

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