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:: joyous expectation ::

" Today I live in the

joyous expectation of the good."

{Ernest Holmes}

This past week I celebrated my 50th birthday.

A joyous milestone,

a gift, really.

So many changes this past year.

So many challenges

So many quiet victories.

I'm thankful that our lives are slowly

feeling settled.

As I journaled on my birthday morning,

I came across the above quote.

With a flutter of my heart,

a shiver down my spine,

I knew these lines were meant for me

in this time,

in this moment.

Such simple words,

that hold so much power.

To wake up every morning,

with this mantra to guide the day.

Think of the possibilities,

the gifts of such goodness.

To live a life brimming

and shining with light.

I can't wait for the next

50 years...

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