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:: May days... ::

" A blackberry branch laid its frail white flowers and blue-green leaves against the sky.

Just beyond, a tuft of sweet-fern unfurled between the beaded shoots of the grass,

and a small yellow butterfly vibrated over them like a fleck of sunshine.

This was all she saw; but she felt, above her and about her,

the strong growth of the beeches clothing the ridge,

the rounding of pale green cones on the countless spruce-branches,

the push of myriads of sweet-fern fronds in the cracks of the stony slope below the wood,

and the crowding shoots of meadowsweet and yellow flags in the pasture beyond...

all of this bubbling sap and slipping of sheaths and bursting of calyxes

was carried to her on mingled currents of fragrance."

{Edith Wharton}

May days...

soft light

gentle wind caressing

birdsong filling the air

buds bursting forth vibrantly

petal strewn paths

earth vibrating with energy

heart & soul take flight

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