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:: the magnetic pull... ::

" Today can go in a number of directions, a thousand beginnings lie in front of us:

we drink our coffee and reach out to a friend and we say those "what ifs"

and underneath it all we choose to begin.

To create, to allow this day to be an artwork in process.

...Fredrick Buechner writes that true calling is

where our 'greatest joy meets the world's greatest need,'

and that is the very root of beginning.

We feel the tug of sunshine, of revelation and the world cracks and shifts

and that idea begins to unwind and unfold and reach up and up."

{Beth Ables - Trouve magazine}

the magnetic pull

of words

of beauty

of silence

of stillness

of spaciousness

the whispering of creating something more,

a giving to the world of my greatest joys...

an idea begins to unwind and unfold.

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