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:: week 3/52 ::

" Slowly and slyly it had crept into me, this conviction of...what?

That something is there, something vast and wise and beautiful that pervades all of life.

Something that is present, attentive, behind the everyday."

{Katharine May : Enchantment}

A week filled with quiet wonder. Snow falling, a gentle hush envelops the world. Oh, how I treasure this gift of quietude.

Thanks to my constant falling down the rabbit hole of bookish-goodness browsing online, I came across the most astounding anthology of British nature writing. The cover alone makes my heart swoon. A recent acquisition, I haven't had a chance to properly sit and linger over the pages yet. Soon, very soon.

Operation read the shelves that my books have a proper place in our new home, I've been acutely aware of how many I have yet to be read. Fiction hardcovers alone add up to 81. Let's not talk about the paperbacks, the classics or all the poetry, etc. My plan is to start at the top shelf, read those and then work my way down. How's Our Mutual Friend, you might be wondering? brain needs light reading at the moment. He's been tucked away for now, with a promise to return in due time. Life's too short to slog away on a needs to feel a lightness when reading, a sense of anticipation with the knowledge that the story is waiting for the next spare moment to be picked up. The best feeling, really.

The spring-infused scent of hyacinth and tulips are filling my kitchen right now. Oh, what invigoration with each inhale as I stand at the kitchen sink. Such a small thing that makes my heart swell with joy.

Currently enjoying my afternoon cuppa (Harney & Sons Holiday blend). A sip that comforts me in a million ways. This blend is a favorite, I start drinking it in October until February. Then I move on to a lighter blend, a fruity green tea is always welcomed. A cherished daily ritual, this still point in my turning world.

Until next time, wishing you a happy week ahead.

Take care, my friends.

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